Tidying Up With Marie Kondo & GVS Vintage!

Tidying up with Marie Kondo & GVS Vintage

By Shannon Paasch at The Recycleista


Have you been following all the hoopla about the new show on Netflix: Tidying Up With Marie Kondo? Cute little Marie Kondo from Japan shares her KonMari method of organizing and keeping only the belongings that “spark joy”.

Tidying up with Marie Kondo and GVS Vintage

Netflix timed the release of Marie Kondo’s show just at the right time to line up with everyone’s “resolutions” for 2019 to get organized! While I didn’t set a resolution, it definitely got my wheels turning about cleaning out and decluttering. I had my husband watch it as well and he is all on board! We just have to find time.

One of things that I liked about the suggestions of Marie Kondo for tidying up had to do with finding storage for the items you’ve decided to keep. Even inside drawers, you can use little boxes and dividers to keep things from jumbling together.

Or.. items that you’re keeping, such as photos, can be put in boxes or containers that “spark joy” themselves. They can be on shelves or left out on a coffee table.

So I started to look around my house to see what unused containers or boxes I could start to gather up in preparation for my tidying up bonanza! In my unlisted inventory (ahem) I found this amazing vintage metal cribbage board box.

I think it will be perfect for collecting together my reselling receipts!  I’d much rather have vintage boxes and baskets holding my clutter than plastic containers from the dollar store. Wouldn’t you?

Vintage metal storage box

I then turned to Etsy to see what other GVS vintage sellers had to offer to hide and contain the clutter!

The imperfect perfection of Sweet Petunia Vintage:

Sweet Petunia Vintage

Clockwise from top:
Eight Immortals Decorative Box

Wooden Box with Handle

Alfred Knobler Paper Mache Box

The thoughtfully curated vintage treasures of MeMeandMeVintage

Meme and Me Vintage

Clockwise from left:
English Floral Biscuit Tin

Natural Picnic Basket Storage

Flemish Pyrography Box

The always fascinating finds of GVS member Shelly Is Vintage:


Shelly is Vintage

And last but not least, fun vintage “stuffs” by Sfuso

Sufso vintage

Do any of these vintage storage containers “spark joy” for you? Click on the links and hop on over and check them out!!  Also check out other vintage storage suggestions from our GVS members on Etsy.

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