About GVS

The GotVintage Shops community started on Facebook in 2011 to give online sellers of vintage items a place to share their enthusiasm and knowledge of vintage goods with each other.  We expanded our Facebook presence to have an easy way to promote our online shops and to also create a central place for buyers to find multiple small businesses from various platforms online.  From this start, GotVintage has become one of the premier seller support groups online.



We want to be your vintage community where collectors and our sellers can come together and share our mutual passion for vintage. After all, that passion is why we collect and ultimately what inspired most us to start our own businesses.  

The story behind each vintage item plus the environmental good of putting it back to use are the passions and values that we promote. 

The GotVintage Shops network has been a mainstay on Facebook for over seven years.  Now with over 800 active members who sell on a multitude of online platforms as well as in local antique shops, you can find just about anything your heart desires.

We invite you to view our Seller Directory with links to our member shops. In addition please check out our blog for articles covering topics such as identifying marks, how to care for your vintage finds and more.  

Also if you are looking for a specific vintage or antique piece please contact us and we will recommend a trusted seller in our network.

For now, take a look around and welcome to Got Vintage.

Got Vintage Logos

GotVintage members are from around the world, with decades upon decades of experience and a vast array of knowledge about vintage and antique items, from jewelry to furniture, industrial salvage to art glass, and fashion to ephemera. Knowledge is freely shared between members who have a love and appreciation of vintage and antique items. Our mission is to cultivate a lasting appreciation of things from the past and their history.



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