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Each month we feature a different GotVintage member. 

This month it’s GVS team leader Kelly Littleton of Sentimental Vintager

It is definitely the special memories that my vintage items hold for me. I am a sentimental hoarder. I save things that bring back great memories. Dad was in the Air Force, so we moved a lot. Visiting grandparents and family was always a special time for us, and there are just so many things that make me smile and remember those times with family, especially now that they are gone. Vintage is a fun way to share the past with future generations, and they love it because it is environmentally friendly. I love that our kids have grown up with an appreciation for vintage.

I opened my shop on Etsy in 2013 after deciding that there was no way I would wear all the costume jewelry I had been hoarding under my bed. Much of it I had even played with as a child at my grandmother’s. So I started with an emphasis on costume jewelry from the 1950’s thru the 1970’s with the intention of clearing out. Here I am years later, and I have more inventory than ever, and it isn’t just jewelry anymore. I have a booth in a local antique mall where I offer so much more than what is listed on Etsy. I hope to build my own website and start posting some of my booth merchandise online. Buying and selling is addictive for me. It is all about the thrill of the hunt! I would rather shop antique malls and estate sales than any box store. 

I wish I did have a favorite. I love it all! Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern are probably my two favorite styles aesthetically, but I live with a fairly eclectic traditional/transitional mix. In addition to my jewelry addiction, I also have weaknesses for elegant glassware, china and vintage kitchenware. Throw in some MCM art glass and Culver barware for good measure, and that probably covers the bulk of my merchandise. I buy what I like, so you never know what might show up in the store next. 

I really do live with vintage in my every day life, and I think that shows in my selections. I try to offer high quality items that are usable and relevant now. Finding the perfect things to add a touch of vintage to fit one’s lifestyle is what I strive for. I even keep a no obligation ‘in search of’ shopping list for my clients. 

My ‘workspace’ is my home. I do have a dedicated office in a bedroom where I keep merchandise, shipping materials and reference books (yes, I still love my books!). No dedicated photo area, so that takes place wherever the light is right when the time comes. Often times when researching and preparing listings you will find me working at my dining room table with a stack of books, my laptop and a selection of goods to get ready to sell. 

It probably won’t surprise anyone that vintage IS my hobby and has been for a very long time so it is pretty hard to get away from. It doesn’t feel like work! My husband also enjoys the hunt so it is something we enjoy doing together. We like to explore new areas and find new places to shop and eat, especially locally owned places. Small businesses need to support one another. 

Inspiring other to become collectors.
Completing sets.
Adopting orphaned vintage pieces, like single glasses or dishes, etc.
Saving quality items from being thrown out. 
Finding vintage versions of current trends. 

Why Vintage

The best thing is the incredible support and encouragement that the members offer each other, as well as the vast amount of knowledge that is freely shared amongst hundreds of members. Being a part of Got Vintage inspired me to establish a shop beyond occasionally selling on eBay because I knew I had resources to support me when I needed help wherever I decided to set up online. It is a group that is seriously passionate about vintage, and open to beginning and experienced sellers which keeps us all brushed up on our knowledge. 

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  1. I really enjoyed getting to know more about Kelly, thank you for always being so helpful to all of us! I appreciate all of your help.

    Betty H.

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